If someone tells you Spain, what comes to mind? Barcelona, Madrid, Seville… Perhaps Andalucia, Ibiza or Canary Islands too. But this time we invite you to look up North, to the Basque country (sorry for the pun in the title). Spain’s Basque region goes from San Sebastian to Bilbao and all the way to Santiago de Compostela… with, for any wine lover, a little stretch to La Rioja, ola! And this is what we explored over the summer.   Just a hop from another gourmet capital, Bordeaux, and a seaside heaven, Biarritz, both in France, the little town of San ... Read More »


There are few places on earth that have been able to keep their authenticity and resist the wave of modernization. As we discussed in an article earlier, traditions and vintage are incredibly trendy. Travel is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy this reversal, even more so when you reach places with incredible history and roots. Sri Lanka, the former island of Ceylon, was our ideal destination for this time travel experience.   On the Southwest coast of Sri Lanka, the beautiful Galle fortress stays anchored in history. Founded by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century and then the ... Read More »


It is always good to go back to simple pleasures, isn’t it? Just like when you’ve landed after a long flight to Argentina. The country has so much to offer, for each and every of  your senses. Known for tango dance and music, the striped soccer jersey of Messi, the dedication of characters such as Che Guevara and Eva Peron, it unveiled many other secrets for us when we visited.   Here is candy for your eyes when exploring the colourful hills of Salta, one of Argentina’s uppermost provinces, touching Bolivia and Paraguay in the North and Chile to the ... Read More »


All roads lead to Rome, as they say… But where do you go when you’ve done it all? And if you’re already been to Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Milan, Verona, Piedmont, Amalfi or Sicily? You get lost. And getting lost can take you to unsuspected places of wonder. This is exactly what happened to us in… Emilia-Romagna! This province in the upper Eastern part of Italy didn’t make it to our selection of “regions you will visit this year“. Nor is it on top of the guidebooks on Italy. But there you are, in some of the deepest countryside of this country ... Read More »

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