Have you ever imagined you could be emperor for a night? This is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience we organized for 50 VIPs in China last month. So, what does it take to be an emperor, and which emperor? Here the key highlights of our iconic ‘Emperor’s Evening’ that took place at the Wine Residence in Shanghai and also in Hong Kong.

The Emperor's Evening


Metropolis like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore have many events taking place every day – but this one is really, in the words of the top executives present (see here what we do for them), a one-of-a-kind, multi-sensorial experience that they will remember for a long, long time. Throughout an entire evening, guests were taken through life of Napoleon, the French Emperor who had also been the King of Italy and the Protector of Germany. They could virtually embody his personality thanks to multiple stories, exciting anecdotes and personal effects.



The carefully curated selection of wines reflected the emperor’s preferences as well as his life stages, while matching the entire menu dish by dish. Without giving away too many details here, guests were delighted to taste more than 8 fine wines (including Burgundy -more on it here- and Bordeaux – here) throughout the evening, each with a particular story and a raison d’etre. Like the beverages, the design of the menu featured Napoleon’s favorite food whether in official receptions or at the battlefield. All of this, presented by the sommelier and the chef, was accompanied by interactive sessions focusing on enhancing the fine dining experience (click to tease your taste buds).

music score


Beyond smelling and tasting, this experience also had a rare, yet so immersive, artistic component to it. Loyal to the Emperor’s acoustic preferences, compositions of Napoleon’s contemporary musicians animated the evening further. In a dramatic atmosphere, it was like if Mozart, Beethoven, JS Bach and Wagner were seated alongside our guests. Before and after beautiful musical piece (click here for festivals info) were played, story telling was taking place with many secrets about the Emperor being revealed to the audience. Why was he such a big wine drinker? What was his relationship with Josephine? How was he related to the Rothschild family? etc.



Being an emperor takes more than just drinking good wine and listening to classical music. You actually must fight to protect and expand your nation. Leave no stone unturned. Win the war. Our guests’ sense of touch was then also required, they really became actors of their own evening, with much manners and social etiquette (like we teach here), and for a brief moment stayed anchored in yesteryear. The experience also enabled our guests – who came in black tie – to unveil a different side of their personality, one that only exceptional circumstances can reveal – to .

pix nap


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by Julien Yung Mameaux

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