It is always good to go back to simple pleasures, isn’t it? Just like when you’ve landed after a long flight to Argentina. The country has so much to offer, for each and every of  your senses. Known for tango dance and music, the striped soccer jersey of Messi, the dedication of characters such as Che Guevara and Eva Peron, it unveiled many other secrets for us when we visited.


Here is candy for your eyes when exploring the colourful hills of Salta, one of Argentina’s uppermost provinces, touching Bolivia and Paraguay in the North and Chile to the West. From El Rey National Park to the wine towns, a multi-sensorial journey takes you from spectactular canyons to historical cathedrals and thousands years old inca mummies. Salta “La Linda”, which means “The Beautiful” in Spanish, wears its name pretty well.

Mendoza, the wine capital of Argentina is not just a little town but also an infinite landscape of green vineyards with red roses at the foot of the white snow-capped Andes mountains. Naturally you may blush when you go from winery to winery, each better designed with superb architecture than the other, as you taste fantastic whites from Torrontes grapes and reds from Malbec or Cabernet Franc varietals.


There’s more to wine though: Argentina’s most delicious food which you can either leisurely enjoy sitting at the estate’s restaurant, or actually prepare yourself through a fun and engaging cooking lesson. Here we are preparing the local version of Asian dumplings called ’empanadas’ and grilling our own steaks – certainly a taste highlight of any trip to this country.



The vibrant Buenos Aires is also high in colours, and particularly La Boca district. Alive with music and proud of its European roots, the area offers a romantic and eye-opening experience where you travel between street musicians and self-taught artists. El Caminito hosts colourful  houses made of wood, steel or concrete which appear to be a movie setting except that it isn’t. After a visit to Teatro de la Ribera, an institution, it is time for a casual BBQ or why not local nibbles in one of the historical milongas and tango bars.


To the extreme South of Argentina lies Patagonia which offers one of the world’s most breathtaking sceneries and experiences out of this world. Now the sun sheds an amazing light on the sharp peaks rising behind the forests as you progress on your hike. Mother Nature does it well as Patagonia is also home to incredible foods and wines including roast lamb, king crab pies and very fine pinot noir wines.


Discover more of Argentina’s treasures here. And contact us to plan your trip: see and taste Argentina!


by Julien Yung Mameaux and The Experience Company team

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