All roads lead to Rome, as they say… But where do you go when you’ve done it all? And if you’re already been to Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Milan, Verona, Piedmont, Amalfi or Sicily? You get lost. And getting lost can take you to unsuspected places of wonder. This is exactly what happened to us in… Emilia-Romagna!

This province in the upper Eastern part of Italy didn’t make it to our selection of “regions you will visit this year“. Nor is it on top of the guidebooks on Italy. But there you are, in some of the deepest countryside of this country with an incredible array of authentic culinary, cultural and artistic experiences.

Embark with us on a visual journey between Parma, Bologna, Modena and Rimini with the selection of photos below.

Middle Age cocktail party in one of the oldest castles on a hilltop


Learn how to make all pasta types of Italy in the local cooking academy

Learn about history and traditions with a crew reenacting past Italian periods

Visit boutique producers of prosciutto di parma and get your own leg of ham!

Taste delicious local wines and food specialties that cannot be found anywhere else

Visit fresh local markets with organic fruits and vegetables from the nearby fields and farms

Discover secret treasures like this theatre made of wood and used only in rare performances

Attend an Italian opera in the hometown theater of the famous composer Verdi


Smell and taste the finest aged parmigiano reggiano cheese from the factory itself

Step in the cellars of the finest culatello producers, Italy’s answer to caviar

As we once shared, “old is the new new“, and Emilia-Romagna in Italy certainly belongs there.

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Julien Yung Mameaux & the team of The Experience Company

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