As you know, we are all about unforgettable experiences, leisure and holidays (more here). Now that our team members return from South America, we are excited to share with you our best insights on some of Peru’s  unique experiences.

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Peru’s capital city is impressively perched on high cliffs facing the Pacific Ocean, which reminds us a bit of Normandy coast in France. The metropolis is very human-friendly as its livelihood is spread between several districts each with its own character… With the comfort of our local tour guide (this time a film actor, but we also arrange cooking chefs, cultural historians or else), our immersion into the local market in San Miguel, street art walls of Barranco and bustling atmosphere of Miraflores made us feel like in one of those nostalgic road trip (more on this here) movies. We observed surfers on the ocean waves, joined an exclusive evening at a member club and tried the local herbal tea called Emoliente.

And culinary-wise, it is one of the most prolific cuisine centers of the continent! Marinated fish specialty Ceviche brings a firework into your palate, stir-fried lomo saltado made of beef, tomato and potatoes pleased our crave for carbs, and the national grape-based pisco sour cocktail quenched our thirst more than once. Of all delights, the ultimate paradise for flavors and textures was to be found in the truly unique skills of Chef Maisha, of the Maido restaurant which leverages the Japanese heritage in Peru’s history. Signature dishes include: eggs and crispy nest; oxtail in a bread crust; Amazonian paiche in dashi broth;  and Cuy San (deep fried guinea pig). Well high up on the standards of the world’s best culinary experiences we recommend.

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The arrival by plane to Cusco city, 3,400 meters high, is simply breathtaking. There, below the clouds, between the mountains lie a large, ancestral city with a long runway. We did as the locals do: sleep for at least one hour after setting foot in order to avoid altitude sickness and properly adjust to the stunning environment. Cuzco (or Cusco) is a former capital of the Inca empire, which we could witness at the corner of every street with remains of original architecture. We’d like to tell you everything that can be experienced there, but let’s focus on one of them: Huchuy Qosco in the Sacred Valley, the perfect retreat (inspiration here).

‘Little Cuzco’ (its meaning) offers a one-of-a-kind luxury trekking experience for casual climbers: an entire crew dedicated to us, including a private chef, two logistics assistants, an ‘ambulance’ with a horse, and our private tour guide of course. We walked 15 km at a comfortable pace for one and a half day in an absolutely unforgettable scenery: trekking along tribes of sheep, lamas and alpacas, touching the snow of the Andes mountains, listening to a silence that doesn’t exist anymore in today’s world, and sleeping just by architectural remains of the Inca civilization. A sacred experience.



When we think of this ancient Wonder of the World, a modern days slogan comes to mind: you never own Machu Picchu, you will never be able to fully grasp it, you will merely pass its mystery onto the next generation. And so has it been since the 15th century, as no one, not even researchers, have been able to fully identify, with consensus, what this monument was built for – diverging theories still exist. Likewise for the origin of Pisco, Peru’s national liquor (click for a quick course).

As we penetrated into the temple, something happened, something strange, invisible, mystical: we felt chills through our entire bodies. As our guide was explaining the sun dial, the sacrifice altar or the rooms for the Virgins of the Sun, we could nearly visualize silhouettes wandering within these stone walls. Brought back to reality with the steps to climb between the different levels, we admired the steep culture terraces, the hidden caves and the sun observatory. We touched the earth, lied on the grass, stared at the young ‘Picchu’, ran to the Inca bridge, and deeply looked at the condor eagle flying up in the sky. And for one moment, we were part of history.


Thank you for reading and sharing. These are only a few highlights of a Peruvian 360-degree and 6-senses experience. Please reach out to us at to find out more and plan your own experience.

IMG_1046by The Experience Company team and Julien Yung Mameaux

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