The Contemporary Middle Age


A little wooden signboard in the grass on the left seems to withstand the passing of time to say you’ve arrived at the right place. Two majestic gates slowly open in front of you and offer you a passage to a travel back in time. Nothing breathes more history, authenticity, tradition, and you move forward just as if you are seduced by an invisible siren of the past.

ex22Perfectly anchored in the Middle Age with many marks of that era preciously kept throughout the village, Il Borro has and continues to confidently build on its ancestral character to offer privileged guests a truly authentic and contemporary welcome. Everything has been somehow magically arranged to make you feel, not just like in a unique place, but transported to a particular point of time.


There’s so much to live and it’s probably better to keep most of it unsaid. From the very desk of Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo (si, Madam) to the infiniti pool overlooking the reborn medieval village, from the stones placed by hand on the irregular pathways to the endless cellar corridor leading to the precious wine cellar, you are just a passenger of eternity borrowing a few days or hours from there.

ex24As we stayed at Il Borro we felt like delicately wrapped in a precious time capsule with all our senses aroused: feeling the multiple textures of every wall, every cloth; admiring the private wine & art gallery or the hunting trophies; listening to the silent Tuscan countryside and the wood crackling in the fireplace; smelling the wildness of nature and the morning mist; tasting the local prosciutto farfadelle and – of course – toasting with one of the finest wines grown… years ago


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