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BITS AND BITES (movies about taste)

There used to be a time where cooking was a hidden activity; it should remain unseen. Mammas would keep their recipes to themselves, recipes would be transmitted between generations in the family, and chefs would not reveal their secret ingredients. But in the 21st century, cooking has taken the stage and is projected on screens all over the world. Kitchens are open, knowledge is shared, gourmet experiences are more accessible. We don’t use the word “cooking” anymore: the same way the word “timepiece” has replaced “watch” or “eyewear” stands for “glasses”, now “cuisine” and“culinary art” are the modern buzzwords. Cooking used to be ... Read More »


As I head out from the Michelin star restaurant La Scene by lady chef Sophie Le Quellec in Prince de Galles Luxury Collection Hotel, Paris, the thought suddenly comes to me. For a foodie, the name Michelin evocates the best restaurants on the planet, chef celebrities, and large plates with expensive, nano-sized yet pretty and delectable dishes. But to seasoned travellers and car lovers, Michelin is also known as a brand of… tires for sedans and formula racing cars. What do wheels and good food have in common? Birth of the little red book When in 1900 the brothers Andre ... Read More »

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