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For many, the wine world is made of red or white wines. But just like there is grey between black and white, rosé wines come in multiple and exciting shades, tastes and styles. Looking at a glass of such wine, rosé is rarely the color used by professionals to describe its hues: the robe can vary between melon, peach or grapefruit, Barbie doll pink or pinkish, salmon color like the fish’s flesh, the pale to intense pigments of an onion’s skin, or orangey like the fruit or even a Buddhist monk civara. In short, a delight to the eye.   ... Read More »


WINE AND TRAVEL EXPERT JULIEN YUNG MAMEAUX OF THE EXPERIENCE COMPANY, TAKES US ON A HEAVENLY, TASTEFUL JOURNEY. Having lived part of my life in Rhône, I feel committed to bring you to this beautiful part of France. The way to the famous wines grown in the area has been paved over centuries by the Roman emperors and Christian popes. Rhône is actually better described not as one but an aggregation of iconic terroirs, along the Rhône River, one of Europe’s major waterways, which rises in Switzerland, runs through the southeast of France before flowing out into the Mediterranean Sea.   NORTHERN ... Read More »


As France’s most famous wine region faces challenging times, its chateaux are behaving like true leaders, reports Julien Yung Mameaux. Bordeaux wine prices are adjusting – for the better. Culminating on decades of nearly immaculate reputation, two vintages broke records when wine critic Robert Parker Jr. gave perfect 100-points ratings to fifteen chateaux in 2009 and ten in 2010; prices jumped by 20 per cent and 12 per cent respectively. But as the world caught the Bordeaux fever, a tough era was ushered with the 2011 and 2012 vintages, performing below expectations. With stock piling up and a demanding client ... Read More »


“Why experiential travel is becoming the hottest trend and how it can broaden your horizons”, Jetsetter Magazine interviews The Experience Company CEO Julien Yung Mameaux. Why are are wine, whisky, golf, and wellness compelling travel motivations? What is so exceptional about winery spas? What are some of the truly exceptional offers that travelers can get from The Experience Company? Read More »

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