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  Here we are at the foot of mount Sainte Victoire, a hop from Aix-en-Provence city in the South of France. We are welcomed by the shining star of a big white Christmas tree and the peaceful sound of a water fountain. We head left to a small door with the letters “SE”, the short form for this Michelin-starred restaurant. SE stands for Saint Esteve, a name familiar to Bordeaux wine lovers. We start with a bottle of Billecart Salmon Blanc de Blancs champagne, which delicate thin bubbles perfectly match the light, crisp and fresh atmosphere. There are several menus ... Read More »


If you think you know Australia after visiting Sydney and Melbourne (and we do have amazing experiences in these two cities!), well, think again. A trip to the Southern states of Australia brings you a different myriad of sensations. Here the top 5 for you. And this time, it’s not just about wine as in previously, but much more 😉 5. ADELAIDE & ADELAIDE HILLS Adelaide stands as the perfect spot to relax after a long flight and start your immersion into the local culture. We love the Botanic Garden with its lush nature and wild birds, and the Central Market ... Read More »


Remember we talked about my favorite place in Italy’s Tuscany countryside? (click here for more) We are glad to share our personal advice to fully experience the true Italian dolce vita. Uno duo tre… SEE: LIE DOWN In other words, live horizontally. Sunglasses on, with just a long look at the beautiful blue sky. After an exquisite ride in a Ferrari supercar like this one, enjoy slow food, slow wine, slow everything… and dolce farniente! TOUCH: PAINT Grab a pencil or a brush, and a blank paper. Let your arm, your hand, your finger guide you. You will discover the creative genius that was ... Read More »


WINE EXPERT & CEO OF THE EXPERIENCE COMPANY, JULIEN YUNG MAMEAUX TAKES US TO SELECTED 7 WONDERS OF THE WINE WORLD PART OF THE UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE.   DOURO VALLEY, PORTUGAL   This may well be your surprise destination on a trip to Spain and Portugal such as described here. At the Western edge of Europe lies the breathtaking scenery of Douro Valley, just by Portugal’s second largest city. Mountains of granite sculpted in terraces by men have been hosting black grape vines for 2,000 years. A boat cruise on the river will take you to quintas (estates) where authentic ... Read More »

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