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All roads lead to Rome, as they say… But where do you go when you’ve done it all? And if you’re already been to Florence, Tuscany, Venice, Milan, Verona, Piedmont, Amalfi or Sicily? You get lost. And getting lost can take you to unsuspected places of wonder. This is exactly what happened to us in… Emilia-Romagna! This province in the upper Eastern part of Italy didn’t make it to our selection of “regions you will visit this year“. Nor is it on top of the guidebooks on Italy. But there you are, in some of the deepest countryside of this country ... Read More »


Remember we talked about my favorite place in Italy’s Tuscany countryside? (click here for more) We are glad to share our personal advice to fully experience the true Italian dolce vita. Uno duo tre… SEE: LIE DOWN In other words, live horizontally. Sunglasses on, with just a long look at the beautiful blue sky. After an exquisite ride in a Ferrari supercar like this one, enjoy slow food, slow wine, slow everything… and dolce farniente! TOUCH: PAINT Grab a pencil or a brush, and a blank paper. Let your arm, your hand, your finger guide you. You will discover the creative genius that was ... Read More »


If Hong Kong has its Avenue of Stars, Tuscany, more precisely Bolgheri, has its Cypress Avenue: the 5km long “Viale dei Cipressi”, which is lined by 2,540 elegant, towering trees. It is the perfect stage for a masterpiece – and I’m not talking about Italian cinema. This little paradise is situated inland, a short ride from the Mediterranean on the peninsula’s west coast, south of Pisa, where the Etruscan civilization was founded long before the advent of Rome. The “Strada del Vino” wine road wanders amid forest, backyard alleys and vine fields, popping up names any wine lover is familiar: ... Read More »


“Why experiential travel is becoming the hottest trend and how it can broaden your horizons”, Jetsetter Magazine interviews The Experience Company CEO Julien Yung Mameaux. Why are are wine, whisky, golf, and wellness compelling travel motivations? What is so exceptional about winery spas? What are some of the truly exceptional offers that travelers can get from The Experience Company? Read More »

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