Article published in Cru Magazine (July 2016) “It is the man who drinks the first bottle of sake; then the second bottle drinks the first, and finally it is the sake that drinks the man.” Japanese proverb BACK TO THE ROOTS You may see it in the alleys of your wine shop today, but it has gone a long way to reach these shelves. Did you know that sake is actually the oldest known alcohol in the world? Originally found in China around 4,800 BC, it was then vastly developed and improved in Japan from 689 AD, more than 1,300 ... Read More »


As our CEO just returned from a trip over the African continent (one of the wine regions to visit this year, as described here), he highlights for you the unmissable experiences and explains why South Africa has become an exciting lifestyle destination. GOURMET SPOTS Somehow Africa’s most southern country is known for amazing steaks – yet its seafood is of incredible quality too. Before game meat cuts and springbok tenderloin as main dishes, fresh oysters from the bay and a variety of fishes (no seabass for once, yeah!) are ideal for the palate. As you know, we love food. African chefs ... Read More »


  Published in Cru Magazine, May 2016 Tell your friends you’ve been to Bordeaux and they’ll simply nod. Tell them you’re going to Alsace and they’ll think you’re French – or maybe German!   SMALL BUT POWERFUL Alsace is the smallest region of France. It may be tiny in size, but is actually big in fame and has an extremely rich heritage of culture, history and gastronomy. Did you know that this small territory gave birth to great personalities? English Premier League Arsenal’s coach Arsene Wenger, Marie Tussaud, founder of the famous Madame Tussaud Museum, and World Rally Racing Champion ... Read More »

Which wine region will you visit this year?

France? Italy? South Africa? Argentina? Scotland? China? Australia?… Enjoy the selection of destinations by our CEO & Founder Julien Yung MAMEAUX, read what to see, taste and experience in each place, and plan a wonderful wine holiday! Published in Cru Magazine (April 2016) Bordeaux, France: something is happening this year in the wine capital of the world: the Bordeaux Wine & Trade Museum (Cite du Vin)… Burgundy, France: Dijon has just been voted as ‘International City of Gastronomy’; experience from Pouilly-Fuisse to Vosne-Romanee… Campania, Italy: After Milan Expo, 2016 is perfect to gain a totally different taste in Southern Italy, Sorrento, Capri Island and Naples… ... Read More »

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