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If someone tells you Spain, what comes to mind? Barcelona, Madrid, Seville… Perhaps Andalucia, Ibiza or Canary Islands too. But this time we invite you to look up North, to the Basque country (sorry for the pun in the title). Spain’s Basque region goes from San Sebastian to Bilbao and all the way to Santiago de Compostela… with, for any wine lover, a little stretch to La Rioja, ola! And this is what we explored over the summer.   Just a hop from another gourmet capital, Bordeaux, and a seaside heaven, Biarritz, both in France, the little town of San ... Read More »


“Why experiential travel is becoming the hottest trend and how it can broaden your horizons”, Jetsetter Magazine interviews The Experience Company CEO Julien Yung Mameaux. Why are are wine, whisky, golf, and wellness compelling travel motivations? What is so exceptional about winery spas? What are some of the truly exceptional offers that travelers can get from The Experience Company? Read More »


A Spanish wine revolution is in the making, writes wine expert Julien Yung Mameaux. The new year is often the best time to look at new things, or old things with a new perspective, and embrace fresh resolutions. Applied to wine, it translates into: what do I want to invest in, and what will I taste this year? Spanish wine may fall perfectly into this realm of consideration, being both old and new, and is now ready to lend itself to new wallets and new palates. The previous school of thought…     Read More »

Rioja La Fiesta

  It is a lifestyle. A style of life, and a celebration of life. In a country by the Mediterranean Sea, Southern Europe more precisely. Just like reborn from a long history, this place is a testimony of vibrancy and legacy. Spain’s most famous wine region, La Rioja, is ready for the new century and has a wealth of exciting experiences to offer. To appreciate them, you might want to suspend your thinking for a while and let yourself go. Let your feelings, your emotions, your body govern. There is a force coming from inside. Just like in the best ... Read More »

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