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Love at First Sip

Us and them. Some go to Verona, Italy, in the search of their Romeo or Juliet, or to nurture their shakespearean story. Many go to Venice, about 100 km away, to wander amid the beautiful maze of street canals and Byzantine palaces. But where should do wine lovers go? At the very meeting point, half-way between the two V’s: it also starts with a V… Valpolicella. Be open for a new adventure. This region is going to bring you a different kind of romance, by shaking your beliefs and disrupting what you though you knew about wine. It is no ... Read More »

The Spy in the Distillery

You know the roaring lion of the MGM, the gun barrel sequence and maybe the thrilling “tata TAtaa tataataa” tune by Monty Norman too. Which man hasn’t dreamt of incarnating the world’s most famous spy, which girl hasn’t dreamt to have their own James Bond…? Just as the super-hero, Scotland holds a special place in the heart of people who have been there. Reputed for the famous Loch Ness and sometimes infamous Haggis (actually very tasty if you get over your fear and try), the Land of the Gaels withholds another treasure, in its 125 Whisky distilleries.   Arriving by ... Read More »

Hard to Say Good-Bye

There are some encounters that leave you indifferent, and others that bring you something very singular. Among those ones (which The Experience Company provides) is the following visit, one of the simplest yet most refined and memorable moments. In the South part of the beautiful and rich Bordeaux area is the sub-region of Graves, which name comes from the small gravels and stones that make a big part of the land there. For the wine traveller this place may seem a bit less familiar than the chateaux in the Northern part of the Left Bank – yet it will certainly ... Read More »

Release the animal in you

Leave your brain aside, follow your instinct. Here a subject that is often omitted when dwelling on wines and spirits: animals. While men and women certainly have their part to play, the fauna may well be a serious contender to who’s got the greatest influence on a wine. Let’s face it: animals are much more around vineyards than we are. While you are quietly asleep or simply in the city, nocturnal and diurnal creatures are either stamping on the soils around the vines or even nesting on the leaves nearby the grapes. Such is the work of Mother Nature and ... Read More »

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