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Remember we talked about my favorite place in Italy’s Tuscany countryside? (click here for more) We are glad to share our personal advice to fully experience the true Italian dolce vita. Uno duo tre… SEE: LIE DOWN In other words, live horizontally. Sunglasses on, with just a long look at the beautiful blue sky. After an exquisite ride in a Ferrari supercar like this one, enjoy slow food, slow wine, slow everything… and dolce farniente! TOUCH: PAINT Grab a pencil or a brush, and a blank paper. Let your arm, your hand, your finger guide you. You will discover the creative genius that was ... Read More »

Love at First Sip

Us and them. Some go to Verona, Italy, in the search of their Romeo or Juliet, or to nurture their shakespearean story. Many go to Venice, about 100 km away, to wander amid the beautiful maze of street canals and Byzantine palaces. But where should do wine lovers go? At the very meeting point, half-way between the two V’s: it also starts with a V… Valpolicella. Be open for a new adventure. This region is going to bring you a different kind of romance, by shaking your beliefs and disrupting what you though you knew about wine. It is no ... Read More »

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