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SIPPING LIQUEURS: after-dinner drinks start with a digestif. Julien Yung Mameaux, CEO and Founder of The Experience Company (www.TheExCo.com), a luxury wine & spirits, travel and events concierge, unstops some of his favourites. What digestif makes a good gift for mum (special occasions like this)? What type of glass should we drink sweet dessert wine from? Can you recommend a liqueur digestif that’s not too sweet? What digestif is best after a Chinese banquet (find out more on business events)? What cognac would you recommend for novice drinkers? Do digestifs really aid digestion? What are the most notable regions for ... Read More »


“Why experiential travel is becoming the hottest trend and how it can broaden your horizons”, Jetsetter Magazine interviews The Experience Company CEO Julien Yung Mameaux. Why are are wine, whisky, golf, and wellness compelling travel motivations? What is so exceptional about winery spas? What are some of the truly exceptional offers that travelers can get from The Experience Company? Read More »

The Spy in the Distillery

You know the roaring lion of the MGM, the gun barrel sequence and maybe the thrilling “tata TAtaa tataataa” tune by Monty Norman too. Which man hasn’t dreamt of incarnating the world’s most famous spy, which girl hasn’t dreamt to have their own James Bond…? Just as the super-hero, Scotland holds a special place in the heart of people who have been there. Reputed for the famous Loch Ness and sometimes infamous Haggis (actually very tasty if you get over your fear and try), the Land of the Gaels withholds another treasure, in its 125 Whisky distilleries.   Arriving by ... Read More »

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