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Which wine region will you visit this year?

France? Italy? South Africa? Argentina? Scotland? China? Australia?… Enjoy the selection of destinations by our CEO & Founder Julien Yung MAMEAUX, read what to see, taste and experience in each place, and plan a wonderful wine holiday! Published in Cru Magazine (April 2016) Bordeaux, France: something is happening this year in the wine capital of the world: the Bordeaux Wine & Trade Museum (Cite du Vin)… Burgundy, France: Dijon has just been voted as ‘International City of Gastronomy’; experience from Pouilly-Fuisse to Vosne-Romanee… Campania, Italy: After Milan Expo, 2016 is perfect to gain a totally different taste in Southern Italy, Sorrento, Capri Island and Naples… ... Read More »


Few territories call for fairytales, historical turnarounds and great wines at the same time. Nested in the Eastern part of France between the country’s Vosges mountain range and the Black Forest of Germany, the region of Alsace has many a story to tell. Recently, wineries of Alsace have been featuring the majestic stork bird in their communication – not without any reason: a symbol of fertility in Alsace, it is storks which deliver babies to the Alsatian ladies that have previously laid a few pieces of sugar by the windows of their houses in the hope of having a baby ... Read More »


For many, the wine world is made of red or white wines. But just like there is grey between black and white, rosé wines come in multiple and exciting shades, tastes and styles. Looking at a glass of such wine, rosé is rarely the color used by professionals to describe its hues: the robe can vary between melon, peach or grapefruit, Barbie doll pink or pinkish, salmon color like the fish’s flesh, the pale to intense pigments of an onion’s skin, or orangey like the fruit or even a Buddhist monk civara. In short, a delight to the eye.   ... Read More »


WINE AND TRAVEL EXPERT JULIEN YUNG MAMEAUX OF THE EXPERIENCE COMPANY, TAKES US ON A HEAVENLY, TASTEFUL JOURNEY. Having lived part of my life in Rhône, I feel committed to bring you to this beautiful part of France. The way to the famous wines grown in the area has been paved over centuries by the Roman emperors and Christian popes. Rhône is actually better described not as one but an aggregation of iconic terroirs, along the Rhône River, one of Europe’s major waterways, which rises in Switzerland, runs through the southeast of France before flowing out into the Mediterranean Sea.   NORTHERN ... Read More »

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