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  Here we are at the foot of mount Sainte Victoire, a hop from Aix-en-Provence city in the South of France. We are welcomed by the shining star of a big white Christmas tree and the peaceful sound of a water fountain. We head left to a small door with the letters “SE”, the short form for this Michelin-starred restaurant. SE stands for Saint Esteve, a name familiar to Bordeaux wine lovers. We start with a bottle of Billecart Salmon Blanc de Blancs champagne, which delicate thin bubbles perfectly match the light, crisp and fresh atmosphere. There are several menus ... Read More »


Have you ever imagined you could be emperor for a night? This is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience we organized for 50 VIPs in China last month. So, what does it take to be an emperor, and which emperor? Here the key highlights of our iconic ‘Emperor’s Evening’ that took place at the Wine Residence in Shanghai and also in Hong Kong. AN EVENT LIKE NO OTHER Metropolis like Hong Kong, Shanghai or Singapore have many events taking place every day – but this one is really, in the words of the top executives present (see here what we do for ... Read More »


JULIEN YUNG MAMEAUX, CEO OF THE EXPERIENCE COMPANY, TAKES US BEHIND THE SCENES OF CALIFORNIAN WINES.   Two months ago Napa Valley woke up in the aftermath of the ‘small’ one, an earthquake that damaged many wineries and their stocks. It is time to pay tribute to the estates and characters that turned the American wine dream into reality, and California as a must-visit wine destination.     A MATTER OF NUMBERS   Rarely one plus one equals one. When Baron Rothschild (Mouton Rothschild) and Robert Mondavi joined forces in 1980, it was to create the single Bordeaux-style blend Opus ... Read More »


SIPPING LIQUEURS: after-dinner drinks start with a digestif. Julien Yung Mameaux, CEO and Founder of The Experience Company (www.TheExCo.com), a luxury wine & spirits, travel and events concierge, unstops some of his favourites. What digestif makes a good gift for mum (special occasions like this)? What type of glass should we drink sweet dessert wine from? Can you recommend a liqueur digestif that’s not too sweet? What digestif is best after a Chinese banquet (find out more on business events)? What cognac would you recommend for novice drinkers? Do digestifs really aid digestion? What are the most notable regions for ... Read More »

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